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You can click to enlarge the images. A: In Russian, and English, they are usually pronounced as "Bobby-rozasst," and "Baby-Mind." In Russian, they are pronounced "Bob-o-ros-s-t," and "Baby-Mind." In English, they are pronounced "Bobby-roz-e-asst," and "Baby-Mind." In both cases, the character name is spelled in Russian as Боборост, but pronounced Bob-o-ro-s-t. It is the same name as the video game, but is pronounced Bobby-roz-e-asst in English. Kitty Lang Kitty Lang is an American singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Lang was raised in New Hampshire and got her start in music by recording a blues album in Boston in the mid 1990s. She has been a professional musician since 1999, and has released five albums on Warner Bros. Records since 2002. Her self-titled debut was certified platinum in the United States. Her second album, The Great Divide was released in 2009 and received the 2010 Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Blues Album. Lang's single, "Taste of You", was a moderate hit in Germany and Belgium in 2004. Discography Studio albums With the Black Crowes The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion (2001) Amorica (2003) La La Land (2007) Solo Kitty Lang (2002) The Great Divide (2009) References External links Category:American blues singers Category:American female guitarists Category:American female singer-songwriters Category:American rock guitarists Category:American rock songwriters Category:American rock singers Category:American female rock singers Category:American blues rock musicians Category:Warner Records artists Category:Living people Category:Year of birth missing (living people) Category:Guitarists from New Hampshire Category:Songwriters from New Hampshire Category:American blues guitarists Category:21st-century American singers Category:21st-century American women singers Category:




BoneTown.[v.]...BoneCraft.[v.1.0.4...2.DLC]..2010-2012..PC durwkawy
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